Water Resources Balance in RioBravo/RioGrande Basin

The primary purpose of the bi-national 1944 Water Treaty between Mexico and the United States is to allocate and manage U. S. and Mexican surface boundary waters, specially the Rio Bravo/Rio Grande.   In 2000, when Mexico had extracted more than 2,000 million cubic meters of water, by terms of the treaty that volume of water had to be returned to the U.S. 

To determine the “best water return strategy,” the Mexican Government of President Vicente Fox retained Prospective to customize ProEstado-MAUA  for the Rio Bravo/Rio Grande Basin.  A set of scenarios was formulated and tested with the model, ProEstado-MAUA/Bravo River Basin.  The results identified the strategies for returning the water to the U.S., and those strategies became part of the material utilized by Mexico in the ensuing negotiation with the U.S.