ProMex (Prospective Mexico)

ProMex  is a coherent and consistent integrated demographic-economic-environmental framework designed specifically for long-term policy foresight of Mexico. It is constructed on the certain knowledge that national development, as opposed to national growth, is the result of coordinated, cross-sectoral planning, and that the allocation of natural resources to industry and population demands are the crux of national development. It is constructed with the additional certain knowledge that interdependence among nations has accelerated the rate of change, making the future less certain. In this climate, effective national management requires the analysis, selection and implementation of effective, long-range plans that are flexible enough to meet changing conditions.

ProMex provides decision makers with a tool capable of testing alternative policies for development and of examining their long-range, global effect. The overriding benefit of constructing multiple alternatives in a simulated environment is readily clear: in artificial time, prior to the actual implementation, model users can assess desirable as well as undesirable ramifications of development policies, as related to future goals.

ProMex is composed of four submodels:
   (1)  a sociological submodel that simulates population dynamics;

   (2)  an environmental submodel that simulates natural resources dynamics;  
   (3)  an economic submodel that simulates productive process and
   (4)  a government submodel that simulates the planning and regulating functions of the other three submodels.