About Us

PROSPECTIVE believes that the needed balance in today’s world is only attainable by utilizing systemic tools that enable the user to navigate the complex environment in which we live today and in in the future.  We utilize Systems and Control Engineering methodologies to build those tools.

Water remains a key element essential for life and prosperity.  As this resource dwindles in the World, the “business-as-usual” approach that considers the environment as an “externality” because it changes very slowly is no longer viable.

The environment driven by multiple stressors like climate variability, population and human settlements growth, changes in land use and desertification to name a few is changing rapidly and it requires a causal approach to replace the statistical one associated with the slow change.  Gradually the Systems Approach is making inroads in Water Resources decision making because is causal and offers the width and depth of techniques and tools necessary to examine the most complex natural and human systems and even the integration of them to provide seamless views of total realities.

Within this systemic paradigm, decision-makers who confront daily challenges that they must determine a response and how to implement the solution can now cast and solve problems as difficult as the continuous water resources balance in watersheds. This enables them to make appropriate decisions for the present, but also, to look at the long-term because that is the only way of determining the requisite sustainability of decision